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Teaching Philosophy 

“He who cannot give anything away cannot feel anything either” 

-Fredrich Nietzsche 

Just think! We are surrounded by art. The ever-changing clouds, the way we do our hair, even the design of pizza boxes are all visual ways we perceive ideas and feelings. Art is a form of communication that can cross barriers of language and time. Not only can we feel more connected with the past by viewing art, but we also can express our own ideas and feelings through creating art today.


Art allows for us to develop empathy and see the world through multiple viewpoints. Art is a powerful remedy for hate, discrimination, and apathy because it has the power to mend the distance between human souls. 

I teach art because I believe the arts are an excellent conduit to learn life lessons such as patience, empathy, close observation, listening, speaking, experimentation, failure, hope, ability to reason, hand-eye coordination, adapt- ability, and kindness.


Feelings enter the tangible world through art. Creating art and viewing art are chances for us to feel. We experience a world where headphones, cell phones, constant information flow, and apathy can numb our consciousness and sensitivity to life. I believe art can act as a remedy and help us feel more alive. I hope that through art class, students can gain better understanding of their own feelings, and also learn how to feel with others.


When words run out, art remains. Art is a communication tool. I believe that all students can benefit from expanding their ability to communicate clearly with others. Art feels like a foreign language at first exposure, but with practice students can become visually literate. Art can be a second voice through which we can share thoughts, concepts, and feelings.


The nature of all things visual invite others to look and respond. Connection inspires relationships, which are sources of happiness and meaning. Feelings and communication encourage connection with those from different backgrounds, those who have different beliefs, and those who are outcasts. Art is so much more than being creative or being able to draw good stick figures- it is a practice that can heal.

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